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The Sunken Garden on Woodthorpe Grange Park, separated into individual beds was once a whole circle of roses of many colours. However, in later years, due to their high levels of maintenance the roses were removed and replaced with perennials. Unfortunately, due to the lack of time and the reduction in staffing levels, they too became overgrown due to the lack of maintenance.

With Woodthorpe Park celebrating its centenary on the 1 June 2022, a decision was made to restore the Sunken Garden to its former glory this time with the help of volunteers, who, as you can see, have all made a start by clearing the flower beds and after clearance, planting spring bulbs.

This will be a collection of photographs that will be added to over time as more of the work in restoring the Sunken Garden is carried out.What you see in this collection of photographs is the before and during. In other words, before the work on clearance started and the work carried out so far.  

Sunken 01 Sunken 02 Sunken 03 Sunken 04 Sunken 05 Sunken 06 Sunken 07 Sunken 08 Sunken 09 Sunken 10 Sunken 11 Sunken 12 Sunken 13 Sunken 14 Sunken 15 Sunken 16