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Parish Map of St. Martin’s Church, Sherwood


Vicars Letter, March 1937

The map on the cover of this magazine gives an idea of the extent of the “New Parish of St. Martin, Sherwood.” All the streets are not marked because the large scale map on which the parish was demarcated was published in 1921. The new estate of Hood Street, Fairbank Crescent, was however drawn on the map by the architect. The boundaries are very simple and St. Martin’s stands in the centre of the parish. On the north side of the boundary is the Daybrook, which you can see by the side of the tennis courts and playing fields on Valley Road, but when it comes to Mansfield Road, the Day-brook becomes very modest and goes under ground, along Thackerays Lane to the Railway Bridge one side only is in St. Martin’s. At that point the eastern boundary is the Suburban Railway line to the bridge and just beyond the old Sherwood Station. The boundary then takes in a small portion of St. Judes Parish and includes Winchester Street, Dornoch Avenue and Fairbank Crescent, and returns to the old boundary on Marshall Street. The line runs along the middle of Marshall Street. Daybrook Street and Osborne Grove. The houses on the south side (i.e., Lunn’s and the Tram Stables side) are in Carrington. From Osborne Grove the boundary runs up Victoria Road to the Prison Wall. There again from Osborne Grove the even numbers are in St. Martin’s and the opposite side is in Carrington. The rest is simple. St. Martins boundary on the South side of Valley Road is the last Corporation House. Similarly in Costock Avenue the Corporation Houses only are in St. Martin’s the others up Hucknall Road are in Carrington.

I have published this map and called attention to it because it is very important that parishioners should know the boundaries, especially when banns of marriage are to be published. Space does not permit me to write about Christian Marriage this month but I hope to do shortly. Incidentally when putting up the banns it will be a convenience to try and see at Church most evenings for Evensong, and six days notice for banns should be given.

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