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1922 -2022 Woodthorpe Grange Park Centenary


The 1792 Enclosure Act of Basford: land lot 188 was allotted by the Enclosure Commissioners of Basford to Henry Cavendish Esquire the 6th Duke of Devonshire for Tithes, and in the same area William Rawson and William Danes were allotted land lot’s 189 and 190 respectively. Before the 1792 Enclosure of Basford, the core of the Woodthorpe Estate was marked out in a 1609 Crown Survey map of Sherwood Forest as an enclosed field that was occupied by George Hutchinson, a freeholder of the land.

The Enclosure of Sherwood and Mapperley, when it came into force, meant all the land bounded by the present-day Redcliffe Road, Mansfield Road, Private Road and Woodborough Road.

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The 1792 Enclosure Act of Basford