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Nottingham Suburban Railway, Sherwood Station

Although little over 3½ miles in length the Nottingham Suburban Railway had an interesting if chequered career. It is suggested that there were two main reasons why the line was proposed by a group of local businessmen including Robert Mellors, a benefactor of the city and then chairman of the Nottingham Patent Brick Company. Firstly, the hilly area to the North East of the city contained considerable deposits of clay, a basic necessity for making bricks, which in the 1800's were needed in larger quantities for the extensive developments that were taking place throughout the country.

Prior to the building of the line, the possibility of direct access to serve these brickworks had seemed very remote and in that respect the building of the Suburban line was in the nature of a self-help exercise. It was of course inevitable that the line would have to make connection with one or other of the major pre-grouping railway companies and it soon became clear that the Great Northern Railway would be the one most likely to be receptive to the scheme. That company’s station was on London Road, unfortunately not particularly convenient to the developing city. Therefore, all train services the GNR operated to the north and west of Nottingham were obliged to make the initial part of the journey via Netherfield, hence initially in the wrong direction so that by the time the train had clocked up 7 miles or more it had still got no further than Daybrook, a distance of slightly over 3 miles.

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Nottingham Suburban Railway