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1922 -2022 Woodthorpe Grange Park Centenary


Shortly after the arrival of the railway, Henry Ashwell sold Woodthorpe Grange and Park to Edward Parry. Parry was a highly renowned civil engineer and amongst his many eminent positions he was Nottinghamshire County Surveyor, designer and surveyor of the Nottingham Suburban Railway line, and a director of the Nottingham Brick Company, the main beneficiary of the line.

 It is not clear whether Edward Parry ever actually lived in Woodthorpe Grange; in the 1891 census he is recorded as age 46, living with his wife, Mary, two daughters, four sons and three servants at Elmhurst in Lucknow Drive. In 1905 he sold Woodthorpe Grange and Park to John Godfrey Small, lace manufacturer and Mayor of Nottingham in 1917.

John Godfrey Small, the last occupant of Woodthorpe Grange, as Mayor of Nottingham addressing crowds during the Nottinghamshire Patriotic Fair, which was held on Whit Monday, 1917.

Edward Parry

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Edward Parry, Woodthorpe Grange’s Second Owner