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1922 -2022 Woodthorpe Grange Park Centenary


With a £10,000 donation from Sir Jesse Boot the Nottingham Corporation purchased the whole of the 52-acre Woodthorpe Estate in 1921 for £15,000, which included Woodthorpe Grange with carriage drives, which are still there to this day, conservatory, glasshouses, garage, stabling and a gardener and chauffeurs’ cottages.

The sale documentation, which is held in Nottinghamshire Archives, shows that the auctioneers anticipated selling the estate as five separate lots, separating the Grange and pleasure gardens from the farm, the market garden, and the meadows to be sold for housebuilding. However, it was purchased as one lot by Nottingham City Council, facilitated by the donation from Sir Jesse Boot on the condition that the whole site becoming a public recreation area.

In celebration of the purchase of the site, a month later on 22nd August the Mayor, Alderman H. Bowles and Mayoress Mrs. Bowles gave a garden party, which was held outside the Grange and amongst the invited guests was Sir Jesse Boot who in all gave £350,000 (£14.1m), which enabled the Nottingham Corporation to purchase not only the Woodthorpe Estate but also the Highfields Estate, the home of the University of Nottingham, and the park land adjacent to what became the Victoria Embankment and Memorial Gardens.

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Sir Jesse Boot

Sir Jesse Boot