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1922 -2022 Woodthorpe Grange Park Centenary


Arriving in the city from Welbeck Abbey, on Tuesday 10th July 1928 their Majesties King George V and Queen Mary visited Woodthorpe Park. On entering, their Majesties were met with an enthusiastic crowd of 17,000 children, who had all been transported by rail from various parts of Nottingham to Sherwood Station and Woodthorpe Park, where an open-air concert was held in honour of the Royal visit.

It was during the visit to Woodthorpe Park that King George, responding to a welcoming speech by Mr William John Board, O.B.E. the Town Clerk, that he bestowed the title on Nottingham’s Chief Magistrate the title of Lord, thus entitling the Mayor of Nottingham to become the ‘Lord Mayor’ of Nottingham, a title that was bestowed on Nottingham’s first Lord Mayor, Aldermen Edmund Huntsman.

Visit to Woodthorpe Park by their Royal Highnesses King George V and Queen Mary

Councillor Edmund Huntsman

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